What Are The Top Power Wheelbarrow With Scoop Available?

Ditch the shovel, grab the lever! Introducing the power wheelbarrow with scoop, the muscle machine is redefining yard work.

No more backaches, no more sweat – this beast easily tackles heavy lifting.

Imagine effortlessly hauling gravel, mulch, or even firewood, its sturdy scoop devouring whatever you throw its way.

Conquer uneven terrain with rugged wheels, leaving your lawn pristine and your energy intact.

It’s time to upgrade your landscaping game – the power wheelbarrow with scoop is here to revolutionize your routine.

3 Power Wheelbarrow With Scoop-

Before starting, let us tell you honestly that during our hours of research, we found no better-quality power wheelbarrow with a scoop available on the market, so this will be more like a DIY project requiring creativity.

We only add those products to our list to deliver the best information, passing through our numerous research parameters.

So, without shattering all your hopes and disappointing you now, we will suggest some of the best power wheelbarrows that can be used for this DIY task.

1. YARDMAX YD8103 Track Barrow, 660 lb.

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Power wheelbarrow with scoop

YARDMAX YD8103 Track Barrow, 660 lb. Capacity, Briggs CR950, 6.5 hp, 208cc

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The YARDMAX YD8103 is no ordinary wheelbarrow. This heavy-duty beast is equipped with tracks instead of wheels, making it a master of all-terrain hauling. 

Whether you’re tackling uneven ground, mud, or loose gravel, the YD8103 will easily handle it.

  • All-Terrain Tracks: Forget about getting stuck in mud, sand, or uneven terrain. The YARDMAX YD8103’s tracks provide superior traction and stability, allowing you to maneuver confidently over any obstacle.
  • 660 lb Capacity: Haul heavy loads of dirt, mulch, gravel, or anything else. This track barrow is built to handle the most challenging jobs.
  • Briggs & Stratton CR950 Engine: This reliable 6.5 hp engine delivers plenty of power to get the job done, even on inclines.
  • 3 Forward Speeds and Reverse: Choose the right speed for the job, whether you’re hauling a heavy load uphill or navigating tight spaces.
  • Zero-Turn Radius: Make tight turns easily, thanks to the YARDMAX YD8103’s zero-turn radius. No more struggling to maneuver in tight spaces.
  • Gas Shock Assist Dump: Dumping heavy loads is easy with the gas shock assist. No more back strain or struggling to tilt the bed.
  • Solid Steel Construction: This track barrow is built to last, with a concrete steel hopper, frame, and handles.

2. XtremepowerUS All-Terrain Track Barrow Wheel Gas Powered

XtremepowerUS All-Terrain Track Barrow Wheel Gas Powered by Kohler 6.5hp 196cc Wheelbarrow Utility Cart Motorized Wagon

Power wheelbarrow with scoop

  • 5/5 Average User Rating
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The XtremepowerUS All-Terrain Track Barrow is a beast of a machine designed to tackle the toughest hauling jobs with ease. 

Forget struggling with a traditional wheelbarrow on uneven or soft ground – this gas-powered wonder glides over mud, sand, gravel, and even slopes with impressive power and stability.

  • Kohler 6.5hp Engine: This reliable engine provides ample power to haul heavy loads of up to 660 lbs.
  • All-Terrain Tracks: Forget about getting stuck! The wide rubber tracks provide superior traction and maneuverability on any terrain, minimizing ground damage and ensuring a smooth ride.
  • Zero-Turn Radius: Navigate tight spaces like a pro with the ability to pivot on a dime. No more struggling with unwieldy turns or damaging delicate landscapes.
  • Multi-Speed Transmission: Choose from three forward speeds and reverse to match your hauling needs and terrain conditions.
  • Hydraulic Dump Assist: Effortlessly unload heavy materials with the help of the hydraulic lift mechanism. No more backbreaking manual dumping!
  • Solid Steel Construction: Built to last, the steel frame and hopper can handle even the most demanding jobs.
  • Comfortable Grip Handles: Maintain control and comfort even during long hauling sessions with ergonomically designed handles.
  • Electric Start: No more pulling cords! A simple push-button start gets you going quickly and easily.
  • Headlights: Work safely even in low-light conditions with the integrated headlights.
  • Dump Bed Extension: Increase your hauling capacity with the optional dump bed extension kit.

3. Wallemac Compact All Terrain Track Wheelbarrow 550lbs

Wallemac Compact All Terrain Track Wheelbarrow 550lbs Loading Capacity 5.5HP Gas Powered Engine EPA Motorized Utility Dump Cart Power Wheelbarrow Green

Power wheelbarrow with scoop

  • 5/5 Average User Rating
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The Wallemac Compact All Terrain Track Wheelbarrow is a powerful and versatile machine that is perfect for various tasks, from landscaping and gardening to hauling firewood and debris. 

Its 550-pound loading capacity and 5.5-horsepower gas engine can handle all toughest jobs at home or outside.

  • All-terrain tracks: The tracks provide excellent traction and stability on a variety of surfaces, including mud, snow, and sand.
  • Full-time 4-wheel drive: The 4-wheel drive system ensures you always have the power you need to do the job.
  • 4 forward and 1 reverse gears: The transmission allows you to control your speed and maneuverability.
  • Dump bed: The dump bed makes it easy to unload your cargo.
  • EPA-certified engine: The engine is clean-burning and meets all emissions standards.
  • Electric start: The electric start makes it easy to get the engine going.
  • Heavy-duty construction: The wheelbarrow is built to last, with a steel frame and durable components.
  • Save time and effort: The Wallemac Compact All Terrain Track Wheelbarrow can take the hard work out of hauling heavy loads.
  • Get more done: With its versatility and power, you can easily tackle various tasks.
  • Go anywhere: The tracks allow you to go where traditional wheelbarrows can’t.

DIY: How to attach a scoop to a power wheelbarrow.

Converting your power wheelbarrow into a power wheelbarrow with a scoop can be a fun and rewarding project, but it requires some planning and effort. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:


Gather Materials:

  • Scoop: Choose a scoop size and material that suits your needs. Common options include metal, plastic, or reinforced fabric. Consider factors like weight, durability, and the type of material you’ll be scooping (e.g., dirt, gravel, mulch).
  • Mounting Hardware: You’ll need bolts, nuts, washers, and possibly brackets or angle iron to securely attach the scoop to the wheelbarrow frame. Choose hardware appropriate for the materials you’re using.
  • Tools: Basic tools like wrenches, screwdrivers, a drill, and possibly a saw will be needed for assembly.

Evaluate your Power Wheelbarrow:

  • Assess Lifting Capacity: Ensure your wheelbarrow can handle the added weight of the scoop and the material you’ll be scooping. Check the manufacturer’s specifications or conduct a weight test.
  • Identify Attachment Points: Look for sturdy points on the wheelbarrow frame where you can securely mount the scoop. Avoid areas with critical components like wiring or the motor.


Prepare the Scoop:

  • You might need to drill holes for mounting if using a metal scoop. Ensure the holes align with your chosen attachment points on the wheelbarrow.
  • Consider adding grommets or reinforced stitching around the mounting points for sturdiness for fabric scoops.

Attach the Scoop:

  • Position the scoop onto the wheelbarrow frame, aligning the mounting holes.
  • Use the appropriate hardware (bolts, nuts, washers) to securely fasten the scoop. Double-check for tightness and stability.
  • Depending on your scoop design and attachment points, you might need to fabricate additional brackets or supports using angle iron or similar materials.

Test and Adjust:

  • Fill the scoop with moderate material and test the lifting and dumping mechanism.
  • Ensure the scoop operates smoothly and doesn’t interfere with the wheelbarrow’s movement or balance.
  • Adjust the mounting or add reinforcements if needed to improve stability or prevent wobbling.


In conclusion, the power wheelbarrow with scoop revolutionizes manual labor, transforming backbreaking tasks into effortless ones.

Its robust engine tackles hefty loads, while the versatile scoop conquers diverse materials, from gravel to mulch.

This innovative machine boosts productivity, saves time, and protects users from strain, making it a game-changer for construction, landscaping, dumping horse manure and beyond.

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