How To Use A Wheelbarrow As A Planter?

Gardening, a therapeutic and rewarding endeavor, opens a world of possibilities for those seeking creativity in cultivating their green spaces.

Beyond the conventional gardening norms, there lies an opportunity to breathe new life into your outdoor haven.

An unconventional yet practical method involves repurposing an ordinary wheelbarrow into an exciting planter.

This article will guide you on how to use a wheelbarrow as a planter, providing insights into the step-by-step process of transforming it into a stylish yet functional container for your favorite plants.

It’s a journey that turns a humble tool into a focal point of beauty and creativity in your garden.

How To Use A Wheelbarrow As A Planter?

Transforming a wheelbarrow into a planter is a simple yet creative process. Clean and prep the wheelbarrow, drill drainage holes, and line it with landscape fabric. Fill with potting soil, arrange plants strategically, and water carefully. Add decorative elements, maintain regularly, and enjoy your unique and flourishing wheelbarrow planter in your garden!

Selecting an Appropriate Wheelbarrow:

Before venturing into the wheelbarrow planters world, choosing an appropriate wheelbarrow is essential. Choose one with sturdy construction and a deep basin that can hold adequate soil; additionally, ensure it has functional wheels so your new planter can be moved around your garden effortlessly.

Materials Needed for This Project:

Wheelbarrow: As the star of this show, ensure it’s clean and in excellent condition before using it to transport items.

Drill: To create drainage holes and ensure efficient water drainage.

Landscape Fabric: Line a wheelbarrow to prevent soil erosion.

Potting Soil: Select a high-grade mix appropriate for the plants you intend to cultivate.

Plants: Select an array of plants that flourish in your climate and complement each other well.

Mulch or Decorative Stones: Add an aesthetic finish with mulch or decorative stones to add ambiance and appeal.

Steps for Transforming Your Wheelbarrow:

Clean and Prepare the Wheelbarrow: Begin by carefully cleansing your wheelbarrow and removing any dirt or debris. Examine for signs of rust; sand and repaint to refresh its appearance if needed.

Drill Drainage Holes:

To ensure proper drainage of waterlogged soil and its health, drilling holes at the bottom of your wheelbarrow is essential in maintaining plant life and health. This step must be addressed.

Line Your Wheelbarrow:

Cut a piece of landscape fabric to fit snugly inside the wheelbarrow’s interior to help retain soil, prevent erosion, and allow extra water to drain off more effectively. This will allow it to remain intact over time while permitting excess liquids to drain freely.

Add Potting Soil:

Fill your wheelbarrow with nutrient-rich potting mix, leaving enough space for your selected plants. Be mindful of their depth requirements while leaving ample room for future expansion.

Select and Arrange Plants:

To create an eye-catching display, gather an assortment of colorful, texture, and height plants in different hues and textures before considering their sunlight requirements and positioning them accordingly in a wheelbarrow.

Water and Care:

After planting, give the wheelbarrow a good soak with plenty of water so the soil has time to settle before monitoring moisture levels regularly and making necessary adjustments in watering as required. Also, make sure your plants receive sufficient sunlight and nutrition.

Mulch or Decorate:

To complete the look of your wheelbarrow planter and maintain soil moisture retention while suppressing weed growth, add a decorative element such as mulch or stones for an eye-catching finishing touch. Not only can this add visual interest, but it can also help retain soil moisture levels and halt their spread.

Move and Enjoy:

Once your wheelbarrow planter is complete, please take full advantage of its mobility to show off various combinations of plants in different parts of your garden or try multiple locations until you find its ideal spot.


In conclusion, repurposing a wheelbarrow into a planter is an inventive and eco-friendly approach that breathes new life into your garden.

Following the simple steps outlined here, you can seamlessly learn how to use a wheelbarrow as a planter.

Watch as this functional tool undergoes a remarkable transformation, becoming an eye-catching focal point that displays your gardening prowess and introduces a burst of vibrancy to your outdoor spaces.

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