What Are The Best Wheelbarrow For Hauling Firewood?

Hauling firewood doesn’t have to be a back-breaking task with the right wheelbarrow.

In this guide, we explore the best wheelbarrow for hauling firewood. From sturdy construction to ergonomic design, we highlight key features to simplify your decision-making process.

Whether you’re a seasoned firewood enthusiast or a newcomer, choosing the perfect wheelbarrow can make a significant difference.

Join us as we review top contenders, providing insights to ensure you find the ideal wheelbarrow for a smoother firewood hauling experience.

Best Wheelbarrow For Hauling Firewood-

1. BEST OVERALL: A.M. Leonard Poly Wheelbarrow

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best wheelbarrow for hauling firewood

A.M. Leonard Poly Wheelbarrow – 6 Cubic Feet

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The A.M. Leonard Poly Wheelbarrow, with a generous 6 Cubic Feet capacity, is a robust and reliable tool designed to make your hauling and gardening tasks more efficient.

This wheelbarrow is essential for landscaping, construction, gardening, and various outdoor activities.

Some unique features of this best wheelbarrow for hauling firewood are as follows-

  1. Heavy-Duty Polyethylene Tray: The wheelbarrow features a 6 Cubic Feet polyethylene tray that is exceptionally durable, resistant to rust, and lightweight. This construction ensures longevity, making it suitable for various demanding tasks.
  2. Reinforced Steel Frame: The robust steel frame provides structural integrity and support, enhancing the wheelbarrow’s stability during heavy loads. This construction allows maximum load capacity, making it suitable for residential and commercial applications.
  3.  Pneumatic Tire for Easy Maneuverability: Equipped with a pneumatic tire, the wheelbarrow ensures smooth and easy maneuverability, even on uneven terrain. The tire is designed to absorb shocks, providing a stable and comfortable experience while transporting heavy loads.
  4. Comfortable Grips: The ergonomic handles are designed for comfort during prolonged use. The grips provide a secure hold and allow for precise control, reducing strain on hands and wrists.
  5. Versatile Usage: Ideal for various outdoor tasks, the A.M. Leonard Poly Wheelbarrow is versatile enough to handle gardening, landscaping, construction, and farm chores. Its 6 Cubic Feet capacity ensures fewer trips, saving time and effort.
  6. Easy to Assemble: The wheelbarrow is designed for quick and hassle-free assembly. Clear instructions and minimal parts make it easy for users to assemble it, getting you to work faster.
  7. Weather-Resistant and Low Maintenance: The polyethylene tray and steel frame are resistant to weather elements, ensuring the wheelbarrow remains in top condition for an extended period. This feature also makes it easy to clean and maintain.

2. Best SUITABLE: WORX WA0232 Aerocart Wheelbarrow Firewood Carrier

WORX WA0232 Aerocart Wheelbarrow Firewood Carrier

best wheelbarrow for hauling firewood

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  • Effortless Loading and Unloading: Forget about bending over and straining your back. The WORX WA0232 features a low-profile design that makes loading and unloading firewood a breeze. Simply slide the logs onto the carrier and let the sturdy frame do the heavy lifting.
  • Unmatched Capacity: Haul more firewood in fewer trips thanks to the carrier’s impressive 177-pound weight capacity. This means fewer backaches and more time enjoying the warmth of your crackling fire.
  • Convenient Conversion: The WORX WA0232 attaches and detaches from your Aerocart in seconds, without the need for tools. This makes it easy to switch between hauling firewood and other gardening tasks with just a flip of the wrist.
  • Built to Last: Constructed with durable powder-coated steel, the WORX WA0232 is built to withstand the toughest hauling jobs. It’s weather-resistant and rust-proof, ensuring long-lasting performance for years to come.
  • Versatile Functionality: While designed specifically for firewood, the WORX WA0232 can also be used to haul a variety of other bulky items, like mulch, leaves, gardening tools, and more. It’s the perfect addition to any gardener’s arsenal.

3. BEST CHOICE- Sunnydaze Outdoor Firewood Log Cart with Pneumatic Tires

Sunnydaze Outdoor Firewood Log Cart with Pneumatic Tires – Black Steel Rolling Wood Carrier

best wheelbarrow for hauling firewood

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  • Built to conquer cords: Say goodbye to multiple trips. This sturdy steel cart handles up to 1/8 of a face cord, enough firewood to keep your fires roaring all weekend long.
  • Pneumatic prowess: Tackle any terrain with ease, from smooth patios to crunchy leaves. The durable pneumatic tires roll smoothly over bumps and uneven surfaces, protecting your back and your precious firewood.
  • Effortless maneuvering: Ditch the awkward armfuls. The cart’s compact design and comfortable grip handle make navigating tight spaces and corners a breeze.
  • Stack ’em high, keep ’em dry (optional): Upgrade your cart with the Sunnydaze cover (sold separately) and transform it into a weatherproof firewood fortress. No more soggy logs or surprise wood-stealing squirrels!
  • Year-round yard buddy: This cart isn’t just for winter. Use it to haul gardening tools, camping gear, or even groceries. It’s the versatile yard helper you never knew you needed.

My Top Pick-

What Do Daniel White Recommend?

My old wheelbarrow was a rusted relic, a creaking reminder of spring’s backbreaking chores. Then came the A.M. Leonard Poly: a bright orange beacon of smooth-rolling ease.

No more groans and dents, just 6 cubic feet of pure yard-taming joy. This beast has become my silent partner, conquering mulch mountains, gravel avalanches, and rogue sprinklers with no complaint.

It’s more than a tool; it’s a testament to the quality, an orange badge of honor that whispers, “Gardening without the backache.” So yeah, I’m smitten.

This isn’t just a wheelbarrow; it’s my yard-taming soulmate, and I wouldn’t trade it for a field of petunias.

Guide to Choosing the Best Firewood Wheelbarrow-

best wheelbarrow for firewood

Navigating the woodpile wilderness requires the perfect steed. Here’s how to choose the champion of firewood wheelbarrow carriers:

1. Capacity and Strength: Consider how much wood you usually haul. A 4-6 cubic foot capacity should handle most weekend warriors, while serious log lovers might need 8+ cubic feet. Opt for sturdy steel or poly trays. Steel is more rigid, but poly won’t rust and is lighter.

2. Tires for the Terrain: Pneumatic tires are your buddies for uneven ground and heavy loads. Solid tires are fine for smooth paths but offer less shock absorption. Consider dual wheels for extra stability if your terrain is particularly gnarly.

3. Handle Your Happiness: Grips make a world of difference. Look for padded handles or ergonomically designed ones that reduce strain. Think about length too: taller handles allow upright posture, saving your back.

4. Bonus Features: Flat-free tires offer peace of mind, while foldable designs save space. If you plan on storing firewood, a cover keeps your logs dry and critter-free.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Can you burn wood in a wheelbarrow?

Absolutely not! Never burn wood in a wheelbarrow, even empty. The thin metal can become incredibly hot and warp, posing a serious fire hazard. Always use proper fire pits or fireplaces for burning wood.

How much firewood fits in a wheelbarrow?

It depends on the size of the wood and the wheelbarrow capacity. A 4-6 cubic foot wheelbarrow can hold around 1/4 to 1/2 a cord of split firewood, depending on how tightly packed. Larger 8+ cubic foot carts can manage about 1/2 to 3/4 of a cord.

Should I get a steel or poly wheelbarrow for firewood?

Both have pros and cons. Steel is more durable and can handle heavier loads, but it’s prone to rust and heavier. Poly is lighter and rust-proof but may need to be stronger. Consider your needs and budget when making your choice.


Conquering firewood shouldn’t feel like a primal battle. With the right wheelbarrow, it can be a satisfying ritual, a dance between man and woodpile.

Remember, the perfect firewood steed depends on your unique terrain, log-hauling aspirations, and wallet. So, assess your needs, research your options, and invest in a quality cart that matches your inner lumberjack.

With the best wheelbarrow for hauling firewood, every wood-gathering adventure will be a story for the campfire, and your back will thank you. Now, go forth and wheel your way to wintery bliss!

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