What Is The Best Wheelbarrow For Landscaping: Top Rated Ones

In landscaping, whether it’s sculpting beautiful flower beds or maintaining expansive outdoor spaces, the humble wheelbarrow often becomes an unsung hero in the world of landscaping.

For landscaping projects, a two-wheeled wheelbarrow is highly recommended. It offers better stability and ease of maneuvering, especially over uneven terrain or when carrying heavy loads, making it a recommended choice for such tasks.

This article further explores the top-rated best wheelbarrows for landscaping projects and how to choose them in detail.

What Is The Best Wheelbarrow For Landscaping?

Best Overall With Highest Ratings-

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best wheelbarrow for landscaping

Marathon Yard Rover – 2 Tire Wheelbarrow Garden Cart – Green/Black

5/5 Average User Rating

The Marathon Yard Rover is a game-changer for anyone passionate about landscaping.

This two-tire wheelbarrow, with its vibrant green and black design, combines durability with ease of use. 

Its lightweight construction and ergonomic design make it the perfect companion for your next landscaping project, ensuring efficiency and comfort.

  • Lightweight Design: Ensures easy maneuverability and use by individuals of all strengths.
  • Two-Wheel Construction: Provides better balance and stability compared to traditional single-wheel wheelbarrows, reducing the effort needed to balance loads.
  • Ergonomic Handle: Designed for comfort, the loop handle allows for pushing, pulling, and dumping the contents with ease.
  • 5-Cubic Foot Poly Tray: Offers ample space for carrying garden supplies, dirt, mulch, or plants with a durable construction that resists rusting and corrosion.
  • 300-Pound Load Capacity: Capable of handling significant weight, making it suitable for a variety of yard tasks.
  • Easy to Assemble: Can be put together quickly with minimal tools required, allowing for more time to be spent on landscaping tasks.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for residential landscaping and landscaping tasks but also robust enough for commercial jobs.
  • Air-Filled Tires: Equipped with two 13-inch air-filled tires that provide smooth rolling over rough terrain.
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Best High Capacity-

Gorilla Carts 7GCG-NF Heavy-Duty Poly Dump Cart with No-Flat Tires, 7 cu ft, 1200 lb Capacity, Black

best wheelbarrow for landscaping

  • 4.4/5 Average User Rating

If you’re deep into your landscaping project and looking for a game-changer, let me introduce you to the Gorilla Carts 7GCG-NF.

This heavy-duty cart is not just a workhorse with its 1200 lb capacity and 7 cu ft volume; it’s your best ally in moving heavy loads effortlessly, thanks to its no-flat tires and easy-dump feature.

Perfect for any landscaping challenge, it stands out as the go-to tool for efficiency and reliability.

  • High Capacity: It has a 7 cubic feet capacity, allowing it to carry up to 1200 lbs of material, making it suitable for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Durable Construction: The cart features a sturdy poly bed that is easy to clean and won’t rust, ensuring long-lasting use.
  • No-Flat Tires: Equipped with “No-Flat” tires, it eliminates the inconvenience of tire punctures, ensuring smooth operation across different terrains.
  • Easy Dumping: The patented quick-release dump feature makes it easy to unload contents with minimal effort.
  • Versatile Use: Its design is suitable for landscaping, and other outdoor projects.
  • Color: The cart comes in a sleek black color, blending well with different environments and tools.
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Best Budget Friendly-

True Temper R6STFFEC 6 Cu. Ft Steel Tray Wheelbarrow with Never Flat Tire & Steel Handles, Black

best wheelbarrow for landscaping

  • 4.2/5 Average User Rating

If you’re diving into a project that demands reliability and strength, let me introduce you to the True Temper R6STFFEC Wheelbarrow. 

Its 6 cubic feet steel tray and “Never Flat” tire are true game changers for any heavy-duty task. Plus, those sturdy steel handles? 

They’re exactly what you need for a seamless job from start to finish.

  • Durable Steel Tray: The True Temper R6STFFEC features a robust 6 cubic feet steel tray, designed to handle heavy loads and tough jobs with ease.
  • Never Flat Tire: Equipped with a “Never Flat” tire, this wheelbarrow eliminates the inconvenience of punctures, ensuring reliability and continuous operation without downtime for tire maintenance.
  • Steel Handles: Sturdy steel handles provide a solid grip and enhance durability, making it easier to maneuver heavy loads with less effort.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for landscaping work, construction sites, or any outdoor project requiring the transportation of heavy materials.
  • Black Finish: Comes in a sleek black finish, offering a professional look while resisting rust and wear.
  • Easy Assembly: Designed for straightforward assembly, allowing you to put it to use quickly after purchase.
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Landscaping Projects Best Suited for Wheelbarrows

Wheelbarrows are indispensable tools for a wide range of landscaping projects, offering efficiency and ease in transporting materials across different terrains. Here are some specific projects where wheelbarrows prove to be particularly useful:

  1. Soil and Compost Transportation: For creating flower beds, vegetable gardens, or enhancing soil quality, wheelbarrows facilitate the easy movement of soil and compost. Their use significantly reduces the physical strain and time required to distribute these heavy materials over large areas.
  2. Moving Rocks and Pavers for Pathways: Designing and laying out pathways or patios involves transporting heavy materials like rocks, bricks, and pavers. A sturdy wheelbarrow can handle the weight of these materials, making the process of laying out pathways or constructing features like retaining walls much more manageable.
  3. Assisting in Tree and Shrub Planting: Large planting projects require the movement of bulky items such as trees, shrubs, and large bags of planting mix. Wheelbarrows provide an efficient means of transporting these items from one location to another, facilitating quicker and less labor-intensive planting.
  4. Garden Waste Removal: After pruning, trimming, or clean-ups, wheelbarrows are perfect for hauling away waste, such as leaves, branches, and weeds. This helps in maintaining a clean and tidy garden space.
  5. Water Transportation for Newly Planted Areas: In the absence of a convenient watering system, wheelbarrows can be used to transport water to newly planted trees, shrubs, or garden beds, especially in large or remote areas of the garden.
  6. Mulch Distribution: Applying mulch to garden beds is essential for moisture retention, temperature control, and weed suppression. Wheelbarrows make it easy to transport and distribute mulch evenly across garden beds.

Funding and Budgeting for Wheelbarrows in Landscaping Projects

Whether for personal gardening or professional landscaping projects, wheelbarrows are a necessary investment. Here’s how to approach funding and budgeting for wheelbarrows:

  1. Cost Analysis for Small vs. Large Scale Projects: The size and scope of your project will determine the type and number of wheelbarrows needed. Small, personal landscaping projects may require a single, durable wheelbarrow, whereas large-scale professional projects might necessitate multiple wheelbarrows, including specialized models.
  2. Funding Options for Professional Landscapers: Professionals may consider leasing equipment or applying for business loans to cover the cost of high-quality, durable wheelbarrows and other landscaping tools. Sponsorships or partnerships with tool manufacturers could also be an option for obtaining equipment.
  3. Budgeting Tips for Home Gardeners: It’s important to balance quality with affordability. Investing in a mid-range wheelbarrow that offers durability without breaking the bank is advisable. Look out for seasonal sales, second-hand options, or community sharing platforms to find quality wheelbarrows at a lower cost.
  4. Consideration of Lifetime Costs: When budgeting for a wheelbarrow, consider the lifetime cost, including maintenance and potential replacement parts. A slightly more expensive wheelbarrow that is more durable and requires less maintenance could be more cost-effective in the long run.
  5. Allocating Funds Wisely: For both personal and professional landscaping projects, it’s crucial to allocate funds wisely. Prioritize the purchase of a wheelbarrow that meets the specific needs of your projects, ensuring it has the right capacity, durability, and maneuverability.

Frequently Asked Questions-

What features should I look for in a wheelbarrow for landscaping purposes?

When selecting a wheelbarrow for landscaping, consider durability, load capacity, wheel type (single vs. dual), material (metal vs. plastic), and ergonomic design to reduce strain during use.

What is the importance of the load capacity in a landscaping wheelbarrow?

The load capacity determines how much material you can transport at once. For professional landscaping projects a higher-capacity wheelbarrow reduces the number of trips needed, increasing efficiency.

What budget should I set aside for a quality landscaping wheelbarrow?

Prices vary widely based on material, capacity, and features. Basic models may start around $100-$300, while heavy-duty or motorized options can cost several hundred dollars. Consider your specific needs and the frequency of use to determine an appropriate budget.


Selecting the best wheelbarrow for landscaping can dramatically enhance your landscaping project.

Whether you opt for a durable metal design, a lightweight plastic model, or a high-capacity motorized wheelbarrow, the right choice depends on your specific landscaping needs and budget.

Explore our top-rated options and embrace ergonomic designs to ensure your landscaping projects are both productive and enjoyable.

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